Index is a web design sandbox and porfolio of the work of Jacob Schaer. There is a lot of information on the internet and all I can possibly hope to do is scratch the surface of the many topics that interest me. Web Design is a huge category, so as I continue adding content to this website, I'll probably refer you to other sites for further reading. Keep in mind though that there are fun things to do around here that should keep you coming back. The Arcade and Videos section (as seen in your sidebar) are constantly being refined and updated. For a list of updates, check here, or the RSS feed that I've got going. The initial goals for this website can be viewed here, and eventually I will put up the entire site for critiques. For the time being, simply consider this website to be always under construction, and look at the updates below to see what the latest changes were.


November 21, 2007
I've probably began to seem anti-social :-) Considering the email I provided on my Goal's page was bogus, my blog has no tips as to contacting me, I've finally decided that I need a Form Mailer! Go ahead and drop me a line when you get a chance. Maybe make a suggestion or two, or three?
November 17, 2007
Mastermind.c was added to my Programming section! I've had this code written for a while, but I had to go struggle through restoring my broken Linux computer's Hardrive to recover it. It is now here for your viewing and possible learning. Second, I have redone my famous Plugin Tester site. For those who'd like to try it out, it can be found here. Finally, no news added to my blog unfortunately due to schoolwork. I'll definitely be adding some new funny stories tomorrow. Check back :-)
November 12, 2007
As promised, the arcade section has been reworked entirely. Over the past 3 days, I've been busily coding up a minor CMS (content management system) for which to easily add games to the arcade, which should hopefully help me keep it up to date. Originally, I had to go in and add the HTML myself, decide on the proper Flash dimensions, create an appropriately sized HTML page for the popup, and type in the information as well. This way I can just make a few clicks on my admin page, and have it online :-). The arcade section is now split into two seperate pages: "High Bandwidth", and "Low Bandwidth". The "High Bandwidth" is the new and improved arcade with music, colors, and icons. The "Low Bandwidth" page is exactly the same as before, except that it now runs my Database on the backend. Have fun!
November 4, 2007:
Black is always in style these days, and it seems to have had a positive effect on this website as well! I'm liking the higher level of contrast with the darkened backround, as well as the new gold bar going around. The gradient for the sidebar will need some work, but other than that I'm content. The CSS based print style is officially working, though I have yet to go through and "prettify" the fonts (I'm told that the fonts used for printing are different than those used on screen media). The arcade section still needs a good makeover, but it may yet be a while before I get around to it :-(
November 3, 2007:
Looks like the old design simply wasn't good enough for me... I made a few small changes to the sidebar in hopes of making the text more readable, and to simplify the color scheme. Eventually I'm going to redo the background to be much cooler. Also, today I added a new section: "Humor". In this section is a blog of all the randomly funny random news events that pop into my head.
September 7, 2007:
I've been pursuaded after much testing and discussion with friends that Cookies may not be the way to go for the sidebar. Rather, an IP checker is likely to be the next step, but as of now it's still using Cookies. If for some reason you aren't allowed to vote (you just see the results), try refreshing the page a few times to see if it fixes the problem.
Septermber 6, 2007
Finally, I have successfully completed the daily poll script. The key was to find a non-intrusive way to prevent the user from submitting their opinions multiple times. Though it took several nights of coding, I finally got a method in place that I like quite well. It uses a Cookie to store whether or not the user has voted. If Cookies have been disabled for some reason, then the user won't be allowed to submit. Sometime tomorrow I intend to write up a little piece of code that will stop bots as well.
September 4, 2007
Began to write the poll script for the sidebar. As of right now, it's very basic, and uses a GET variable to carry the users status from the poll page back to the index. This will change soon, hopefully, as I get ready to setup a Sessions variable. Also, some Javascript will be written later to make it "prettier".
September 3, 2007
The makings of an Arcade are started. I've decided that in the interest of time, and with a goal of launching this site sometime this month, I'll hold off doing the entire Flash page that I'm envisioning for the Arcade, and keep it simple. All in good time.